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Do Not Give Up


Do not give up the beginning is always the hardest.

Stay positive, Stay motivated!!

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Newbie Blogging Tips

Guest post

Hello Newbie Bloggers! If you just started to check out my blog and are new to blogging, you came to the right place. Here are my newbie blogging  tips:


1- Make a schedule. For example, write daily or weekly so your readers can know and expect that you have a new article every day or week. I try to blog once a week or twice per two weeks. 

2- Put buttons on your website. Put “Pin it”, Facebook like, share on Twitter, and share on Google+ so your blog can be shared and viewed more. 

3- Put your blog on social media. On Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and more to get your blog more noticed. The key is to put it where you’re more “popular” . 

4- Put photos if necessary. Photos make things more visible.

5- Plan ahead. Think of topics (and write them down before you forget!) you’re going to write about so you don’t have to think about it while you’re on the computer. Or if you’re not like that (like me) your idea will come to mind on the computer (seriously, it’s like the computer cures writer’s block) 

6- If you’re a business, blogging is probably the best choice. Your company will be heard way more than you think. You can update about new changes to apps or anything about your brand. Also, it’s probably better to put your brand on social media ,too.

7- You might be thinking, “I have nothing to write about!” Even I thought that at first. But there is always something on your mind to blog about.

8- Always stick with what you’re writing too. Try not to go off-topic when writing your posts. If you’re trying to stick with a cooking blog, stick with it and don’t really write anything other than it because your readers expect you to always write about that topic (although most blogs I’ve seen mostly write about travel, lifestyle, and photography, so in that case: write what you want)

9- If you’re on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, post your timeline so your readers can check out your social profiles. If you don’t know how to do that, go to My Site>Porfolio>Settings>Widgets> and add one your widgets.

10- Actively participate in the Community Pool. To go to the Community Pool, click here. Scroll down, and you’ll find a Community Pool post. Read the article and comment a link to your site.(you’ll probably find me there) Many newbie bloggers go to the Community Pool to gain popularity and interest on their blogs. Also, many expert bloggers go there to help out rookie bloggers. You may get comments like,”Ooo! I really like your theme!” or “I love the way you write.” But you may get some constructive criticism on your blog. That is a-ok because that person only wants your blog to be better.

11. Tag your posts so that it can gain more popularity. By tagging the post, bloggers can search that post and find your blog on that tag.

Blogging has many advantages. It can make you a better writer and thinker. It can improve your writing skills. Whether you have one viewer or one thousand, you know you’re being heard. Blogging is fun because you’re saying your piece and you’re seeing it online. No matter how old you are,  you express your creative self. Happy blogging 😀 💻 !

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What I Learn from Children

images (7)I would define CHILDREN as the happiest creatures in the world. Oh, don’t you just envy their enthusiasm and high-spirits!

In my pondering, I realize that there are really some great things that we can learn from them- the actual simple reasons why they are always happy.

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Summer Tips to Save your Sanity

images (7)Kiddos are home all day. Out of school what is a mom to do? Maybe I can help by sharing some useless trivial knowledge that you might find is not so useless after all. Drive in movie night. Take a TV & DVD Player outside. Continue reading “Summer Tips to Save your Sanity”

Something Old, New, Borrowed or Blue

images (7)June is wedding season. We have all heard the old adage…. Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed and Something Blue I know you are saying what does that even have to do with clutter? Think about it like this to help you gain control of your clutter. Continue reading “Something Old, New, Borrowed or Blue”

300 Hundred Followers!!!

Like seriously I just hit 300+ followers!!! 


TheLearnify is nothing without you all. Thank you for encouragement and support 🙂


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Why I Re-started Writing

WHY I RE-STARTED WRITING. In 2011, when I had just stepped into the fringes of teenage life, this sudden brainwave hit me. I wanted to write a book. I wanted to write a book about vampires and then get famous for it and then have people interview me Continue reading “Why I Re-started Writing”

More ECO-Friendly Shopping Trip

Here are our tips and tricks for a more eco-friendly shopping trip – most will also save you money! Buy bulk – it may seem obvious but it’s true, bulk is best, provided you can use all your goodies before the expiry date. Kind to your wallet – Higher volume usually means cheaper prices. Continue reading “More ECO-Friendly Shopping Trip”



From today till Friday (17 June), TheLearnify will be posting guest posts, I am glad you all have participated and submitted your valuable posts!!

Guest post will be published soon!!

 Didn’t know about guest week, want to participate?


the learnify

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Get Set Social

Hello everyone!!! I hope you all are having a delightful weekend. I wasn’t active on social media before blogging so I have created my official accounts to connect with all of you.


Facebook Page

Google +



I would like to connect with you all!

Share your link bellow or add me right away 😀

thank you! 



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Countdown Guest Blog Week

What is Simplicity?

Whenever the word simplicity is pronounced the first image came into mind is Mother. A mother is gift for all of us. She always does everything for us from dressing to dinning, from school to home. She plays all roles sometimes she’s a teacher, a doctor,  a master chef, a driver, a friend and always a mother.

Love your mother,  never hurt her!! She’s thrbone who loves you a lot.


Also read My mother is my love

Writing in respond to today’s one word prompt ” simplicity”

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Guest Blog Week

Attention Please!

Source: Guest Blog Week

Guest Blog Week

Attention Please!  Continue reading “Guest Blog Week”

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The World as I See | Mountains

Our world is enriched with immense beauty. Beautiful landscape,  tress, waterfalls, mountains and many more.  Today I am showcasing some beautiful mountains all around the world.  Continue reading “The World as I See | Mountains”

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Self Transformation

We always want to change things around us our lifestyle, study, work. Today let’s do something different,  let’s transform our heart to make it live longer and happier.

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7 ways to Change life

It happens many time, when we feel monotonous and dull having nothing to do or enjoy but every problem comes with a solution with  these panacea you can get out of tedious routine.  Let’s do it to change life

1: Let’s DIY

Many times it’s just too hard to figure out what you should do to make yourself happy , alive and active. Different things that you have already done seem to be not so attractive or tempting. So while you’re thinking this why not hands on some new DIY. Yes there are lot’s of fun creative DIY that you could do.

Like making bracelets, table lamps, wall hanging and many moreeee.

2: Cook some interesting food

YAY.. the awesome thing. it sounds a bit boring initially to cook but trust me when you will start cooking something new and different it will defiantly help you a lot in killing time, enjoying and being supper creative.

3: MakeUp is your ultimate friend

No one will disagree. if you are bored, take out your make up start applying differently or get idea from internet. Trust me you will enjoy this more then you imagine.

4: Wear a cool Hairdo

summer is coming tie up your hair enjoy the sun, shine with your “Hairstyles”with these simple yet chic and elegant easily worn hairstyle will make your day beautiful. Enjoy these Doodle bun, twisto, braids, knots and ponytails.

check 10 Quick and Easy hairstyle (step-by-step) to get great ideas.

5: Why not talk to someone

Very easy way to become energetic, but be careful you must talk to a optimist person who is lively, humorous and know you well so that you can get positive energy. Share what you’re going through. It will help you to make yourself light and you may get amazing thoughts from your friend or anyone you’re sharing with.

6: Write about awesome things you know

This one is super cool and my favorite as well. Just take your pen and paper and start writing your feelings, thoughts or any story you like. Because writing is an art and when you are free must write a piece of goodness and share among your friends get their feedback. If you have a blog then voila! Post it

7: You’re very creative why not think about some cool idea (business, application, hangout)

Yes why not start a new business.

  • A parlor because everyone wants to be pretty and fit.
  • A clothing new brand.
  • A restaurant.

Think in a new way, create a better idea, analyze what other are doing and you can do better then them , how you can give awesomeness to customers? sketch a plan think about it deeply and once you get a better plan all you’ve to do is START-IT.

Thank you for reading.

How you have changed your life?Share your comments below.


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Would you remain mine

Yesterday while reading posts I read a beautiful title “would you remain mine” I opened that post written by my dear friend mysestina and continued reading it. I was so mesmerised and felt like reading more and thankfully she has written its sequel. Mysestina has beautiful poems, her poems are so natural and close to my heart.

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Story of Zero and One

Have you ever wondered what is working behind every single click on computer and every single touch on touch pad

While playing the game, have you thought about what is making that game character move, shoot or jump?

Or while publishing a post on WordPress, you thousands about what is making this happen that everything set into place and we get our awesome post in a fantastic layout, and we stay connected to our readers and get their feedback which is really important for us?

The answer is very simple two digits Mr “0” and Ms “1” are responsible for this. What is coded in a program is transfer to computer in the form of zero and one in different patterns.  So if you write ” I like this story” it would be like “0001 0001000 000111100000 0011000 000110 0001100” (and so, an illustration).

In a nutshell, the whole world is empowered by these two tiny binary digits.

images (4)

As a computer science student I always wonder about this story that how amazingly zero’s and one’s are works actively.

What you think about Mr “0” and Ms “1”.

Writing in respond to today’s one word prompt “connected”


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2D Drawing

Today after finishing my school work, I decided to do something fun. I opened up Autodesk sketchbook and drew this imaginary manga character. It’s really fun to create 2D drawings in autodesk. I’m working over it to be good in 2D drawings. The best thing is we can select any brush or pencil size also there are lots of other options too. I really enjoyed it!  Continue reading “2D Drawing”

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In life if you are in trouble and find no way out, just remember that it is your test and now its up to you how you solve it and you must set a great lesson for others.

Writing in respond to today’s one word prompt ” Smooth

Share your thoughts and incident that made you a skilled sailor.

Thank you! 

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Childhood Great Memories

Childhood is a gift that everyone has, Childhood means purity full of affection, love, empathy, simplicity and all sweet, adorable things. We all have lovely childhood just recall a few memories when you were with friends on a beach, park or playing at home. Making fun things with mom, dad and siblings. Those memories always relish your time and boost up your life.

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Let Them Fly

Sky was too sad sitting in a cage, He was caught by hunter. He was worried about his family.

(Sky was a beautiful parrot, living in a green forest along with his family and lots of friends. He was famous in the forest because of his joyful and  loving nature.)

The hunter was so cruel he caught Sky and wanted to sale him in high prices, He was in search of this beautiful parrot.

After one week, hunter went back to for forest, he knew that Sky was missing his family. He ask Sky mischievously “Do you want me to bring a gift from the forest”.

Sky said, “No I don’t want anything, but please tell my family and friends that I miss them very much and I am in a cage”

Hunter laughed and went towards forest. On his return, he talked to the parrot.

HAHAHAH, You were missing your family? I told them but they didn’t said anything!! but lie down on the grass. !! They don’t miss you at all!! Now stop crying. I am going to sale you tomorrow.

Sky was too sad.!

Next day, Hunter came inside the room, and he found Sky was dead in the cage.

Oh!!” I shouldn’t tell him about his famaily, Now what about my money” the hunter thought!

He picked Sky and threw him out of window and thought he would go to forest again.

While he was thinking,  he saw a flock of birds coming towards his home. Suddenly Sky flew and sat on the tree, all other birds did the same.

Sky smiled, you said my family didn’t miss me. Actually lying on the ground was a message for me to get rid of the cage!

Thank you for thinking me dead and throwing outside.

He said this and flew back into the forest.

Birds are made to fly in the sky to live in their own way.

Writing in respond to today’s one word prompt ” Sky“.




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You Are More Than Numbers


Stay active, Stay motivated

just remember that

“You are more important than Numbers”!!

The Daily Post Weekly photo challenge “Numbers

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The Purpose

She cried last night

She was dead inside

Sorrow and grief, all she had beside

She had no purpose to live her life

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Why are you Angry?

We get into situations when we can’t control ourselves and start quarrelling with others.  Sometimes we feel relief after arguing and many times we get embarrassed after realizing our mistakes, but it’s too late to erase what we have done. There are lots of methods of controlling anger or we can say anger management.  Continue reading “Why are you Angry?”

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Few months ago I visited a beautiful place “Bhurban”, it is a small hill station, surrounded by forest and one of the most picturesque places in my country it is also know as tourist paradise with unique flora, and a fauna with a variety species not found elsewhere in my country. Continue reading “DISCOVERY”


Life is like a

Blank Slate, So We can Create


We Desire!

Writing in respond to today’s one word prompt “Blank” by daily post!


Awesome Monday


7 Ways to be Awesome!

1: Dress well

2: Try new hairstyle, make-up or shoe.

3: Set up your major and minor goals.

Major: job, study, business.

Minor: try new food, clothes,  visit new place

4: Recall accomplishments of last week.

5: Try to correct mistakes you made last weeks

6: Forgive others

7: Be good to yourself!

Apple Pie Order

The word Orderly means the perfect arrangement of objects,  let’s take a look around us everything created by nature is in a perfect order formation of trees, grass, leafs, animals, mankind and everything is created nicely and perfectly.

Whenever I look at followers I always wonder how amazingly it is created just check the perfect cuts and curves of followers. Different shades of green possessed by leaves, how nicely nature has balanced the amount of chlorophyll in each leaf, also the symmetry in its shape all these things make me so wonder and crazy about loving the nature.

How small and big things have made our world so beautiful,  the sceneries, mountains, deserts,  water channels,  waterfalls, snow and just look at the perfection of seasons. Everything is a gift and we must protect our nature.

Writing in respond to today’s on word prompt “Orderly” by daily post!


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