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Hello everybody! I hope you all are doing well and enjoying Sunday. It’s been so long that I have published anunarticles because I have been busy with projects and exams. 😦

I have planned lots of fun and learnifying posts for my blog. YAY.

A lot of people have asked me that how I gained followers and why search engine is loving my posts. In my next post I will be answering all of these questions.

I will reblog 24 posts before 24 July♥ ( so I can reblog your post anytime :D)

P.S I missed you all!♥

With love and care



Twisting your tongue

Let’s play tongue twister and start our day with fun and babble 😀

Awkward Babble

I grew up in the middle of nowhere. Most things we needed required a minimum of an hour’s drive to get. More than likely though we had a longer drive than that, as the nearest town was The Armpit of Mendocino County.**

This left for a lot of time to entertain one’s self. Not many radio stations came in and this was before the advent of any sort of portable entertainment device aside from a walkman. So of course, we came up with things to do.

One of my fondest memories is saying tongue  twisters, and/or adding to them with my dad. I can’t recall what made me think of them, but I figured I’d share a few favorites with you all.

Try to say these – if you dare!

(Note: these are variations on the originals, partially altered by my dad and I, and also I’m sure altered a…

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WordPress Quick Edit Tools

In this post we will explore some quick WordPress tools. These are super easy and cool that you can customize your blog like a professional. 😀 Continue reading “WordPress Quick Edit Tools”

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We are Human not Machine

In this world where machines have life guarantee but human does not?

Why machines have lost, broken and anti-theft plans but there’s nothing for human!

Machines could be protected by anti-virus and firewalls but human are not safe inside any wall!

You can get extra protection layers for mobile but child is not safe!

Machinery is transported with “fragile” tag but what about human !!

Why? We are Human not Machine! !


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Tips and How to Pingback

I have observed that we all are doing something wrong with Pingbacks. Before we discuss about “Pingback Right Procedure”. First of all, let’s talk about: Continue reading “Tips and How to Pingback”


Screenshot (519)


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Everyday is a Second Chance

the learnify

Remember that Everyday is a second chance, forget what had happened in the past. Look forward to a new day with lots of achievement, because the awesomeness is yet to come! keep dreaming keep enjoying your life. As you’re not going to get this treasure again so Smile each day!!

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The Term Depresso


When was the last time you felt Depresso? 😀 

I want to read more quotes! 

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Who are The Real Winners

the real winners

The real winners are always the onse who work really hard. They never afraid of trying something new because they know they can lose something in this journey but they will achieve something better.

They don’t listen to people who say that you can not do. They are stubborn about their goal and flexible about their methods.

They don’t look at the clock they look at their success.

Be the real winner be yourself. Set your goals and work hard to achieve them. Because if you can dream it you can do it and always say yes to hard work


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10 Quick and Easy Hairstyles (Step-by-step)

Hey guys check out these beautiful hairstyles. ♥♥♥

The Learnify

Summer is here! tie up your hair enjoy the sun, shine with your “Hairstyles”with these simple yet chic and elegant easily worn hairstyle will make your day beautiful. Enjoy these Doodle bun , twisto, braids, knots and ponytails.

Tips: before starting your hair do follow these tips .

  • Don’t hurry, just relax and start.
  • Straight or curl your hair well before creating any hairstyle.
  • Feel yourself beautiful xoxo.

1: The Doodle bun.

simple elegant wear it when you’re late for work or going outside with friends. It is super quick and stylish things you will need to create this hair are, pony  and some bobby pins and voila here you go with awesomeness.

simple-step-by-step-hairstyles-to-do-yourself-1 Doodle Bun

2: Twisto:

Braiding is everyone’s favorite. It makes you look super cute and stylish all you need is to criss-cross hair over and under .

Hairstyles-for-Long-Hair-Step-by-Step-4 twisto

3: Chic:

This hairstyle is super amazing you…

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DIY Mehndi Designs 2016 Simple and Elegant

Don’t miss out these beautiful mehndi designs. Celebrate Eid with love, empathy, peace and elegant mehndi.  😀


Hand and feet mehndi designs
Beautiful ♥
images (16)
images (33)
Beautiful ♥
images (23)
images (32)

images (20)

images (25)

images (27)

Hand and feet mehndi designs

Hand and feet mehndi designs
A bit sty
Hand and feet mehndi designs
images (24)
Detailed and pretty
Hand and feet mehndi designs
This is my favourite!♥
images (16)

Hand and feet mehndi designs


images (34)
images (29)


 Designs for Babies

images (26)
Aww baby
images (28)
So cute

I hope you will like this collection. Share with your friends and enjoy eid eith simple snd elegant designs. Also try 10 quick and easy hairstyle step by step.

I woulde like to know about your favourite design? Share ypur thought in comments box.

Thank you!

Image source:

Eid Greetings – Chand Raat Mubarak

Muslims around the world will celebrate the three-day Eid al-Fitr festival this week.

It is expected to start on July 6 in most parts of the world but is subject to the sighting of the moon on July 4. Continue reading “Eid Greetings – Chand Raat Mubarak”

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Inner Beauty Booster Make Up Tutorial

 ToOne hour left, to go to a special party, You took a week to buy a new dress, shoes, and accessories. You have all perfect things to rule the world and You spent 90 minutes on your hair do and makeup but before sitting in the car, you turned back to see your final look in the mirror, and then what you see is a bad look with bad hair do, old school makeup and weird boring person in a normal dress. At that moment all of your expensive shopping and the time you have spent turned into a pile of dirt.

Continue reading “Inner Beauty Booster Make Up Tutorial”

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last day of june

I am really humbled and happy to read this (Tears of Joy). I can’t believe people really like my blog. Thank you so much my friend Aron 🙂
About Aron: He a young blogger, A fun and caring friend. I would like if you all check his blog and encourage him 🙂

Aaron's weekly blog

guys and girls its the last day of June and what a June it has been for everyone like the learnify she hit 400 followers just yesterday so congrats aki on your success so hopefully July can be just as amazing if not better im aiming to hit 30 followers in July so hopefully i can do it so thanks to all the support in June not only for me but for aki who is an amazing blogger you should check her out and tell her that she is awesome her blog is called the learnify her blog is hope you like her blog as much as mine because she gives me a lot of encouragement and support so im trying to repay her support

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Burst Your Own Bubble – July Positivity Challenge

Are you ready for the “Challenge”? Let’s brust the bubbles!!
Burst Your Own Bubble – July Positivity Challenge


Burst Your Own Bubble – July Positivity Challenge

Burst Your Own Bubble.png

“Do one thing everyday that scares you.” – Eleanor Roosevelt

Intentergy’s July Positivity Challenge is to burst your own bubbles of insecurity or fear. Send those inhibitions flying. Burst the barriers that hold you back from being happy with yourself or your life.

Here are a few things to try:

png 1 Get your bubbles in a row

  • Make a list of the things that hold you back from participating in social or professional functions or that leave you frustrated with yourself
  • Identify what events or things cause the greatest anxiety for you
  • Create a picture or chart of the stressors that rule your thoughts or constantly hang in the back of your mind

png 1 Be a Bubble Brain

  • Have a willingness to change your mind. When you are ready to stop dedicating your brain power to those fears, your brain will become too slippery for…

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My July 2016 Goals

Hello everybody!! How are you doing! (Sorry for being absent I am bit busy with new assignments) July is here and I am enjoying it completely(it’s my birthday month 😀 ). I was not an organized person but from past 3+ months I feel like I should stop being careless and start living life of a responsible person. That’s why I am trying to be organized.

I have set some goals for  JulyContinue reading “My July 2016 Goals”

TheLearnify Weekly Schedule

I like to write what I feel passionate about. My blog has different categories but the main purpose is to convey a positive message. Continue reading “TheLearnify Weekly Schedule”

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400 Followers! YAY


I am so happy today!! ~ Aki

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World Forgiveness Day

Forgiveness does not change the past, but it does enlarge the future.

~Paul Boese

Hello everyone, Happy World Forgiveness Day (Sunday, the 26th of June 2016). 

(This day could be easily confused with International Forgiveness Day and Global Forgiveness Day which is observed on July,07 or August.)

(A bit late to post)However, everyday is a new chance to make your surrounding happier. So we should not miss this great opportunity. Let’s forget all troubles and disputes and start a new day by forgiving everyone!


Forgive people makes our world a peaceful place.

 Forgiveness Day’s activities

 Here are 5 simple ways to enjoy this day

forgiveness day

Dear friends forgive others like you want to be forgiven. Many times we keep grudges and do not try to forgive others. We say “I will never forgive you” have you ever tried “what you have done was seriously hurting however, I am forgiving you?”

Forgiveness is a form of love, a beam of positivism ~ Aki 😛 

Our life will become more easier and smother if we start forgiving people. Some times it is very hard to do so, but If we forgive others that means we are the strongest.

One more thing, We must try to forgive ourselves! Yes we! Have you ever been into a situation where you have forgiven others but you refrained to forgive yourself by saying these big words “I will never forgive myself!“. Try to forgive yourself then you will see change in life.

Let’s break our unwanted rules and bring peace in our life by forgiving everyone!

Forgive other not because they deserve forgiveness, but because you deserve peace!

I have forgiven everyone? What about you !!!?? 

Share your thoughts about forgiving others? Do you thing it is difficult to forgive someone? Thank you for reading my post. ~ Aki

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7 Things to Do on Sunday

7 things to do on sunday



 7 ways to enjoy Sunday !

7 things to do on sunday

So what you are going to do this Sunday? Share your plans and don’t forget to be

Awesome on Monday !


Jar of Hearts

Toady I have nominated my favorite bloggers (list is huge!) for The Blogger Recognition Award. I really love online awards, an excellent way to tell writers that how much we love their work and we get to know more about them. Continue reading “Jar of Hearts”

Blogger Recognition Award!

I am glad to be nominated for this amazing award. Continue reading “Blogger Recognition Award!”

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‘Guess the Scene’ Game

Let’s play the scene game!

Project Believe In Yourself

Building Confidence with a Game

One way to help you build your confidence, is to help you understand that practice makes perfect. When you are so good at something, you will be more willing to attempt and make something happen.
This means, if you repeatedly do something, you will be better at it.
What better ways are there than to help you build confidence while having fun at it?

Written By Benjamin Ngiam

One of the things that I like to do to help build my self confidence in the past, is to actually engage myself with a bunch of people or a group of friends and get them to interact with each other as we play a game. In this case, this is called the “Guess the Scene Game”.

Games like these are effective in not just helping you learn to be in ease around company and learn…

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Suggestion Required!

Hey all, so I was thinking about my URL I started “thelearnify” as a computer/techo related site as you’ve noticed some of my post are categorized in CS section. However now that you all like my motivational,  thoughts and life related posts.  I’m thinking about a new URL ” example . com”

TheLearnify will remain there with CS related content.

So what do you suggest? ??



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Happy Father’s Day

the learnify

They say you are in another world but you will be in my heart forever. Dad, your each word and your guiding hand on my shoulder will remain with me. I miss you ❤

Happy Father’s Day to Everyone!! 


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the real winners

I was nominated by MAI  for Liebster Award, Thank you so much dear you’re a very kind person. I have already done a post on Liebster Award so I thought to do a Q/A I really like questions asked by Mai. Here are the answers!! YAY!! It’s fun to do this 🙂 Continue reading “Question/Answer”

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Bye-Bye Guest Blog Week!

Hello everyone! ! So that was all from the guest blogging week. It was a fun week. I hope you all enjoyed it. I would like to say Thank you to all the guests who has participated and shared their valuable post with us and the readers who are always encouraging and motivating us.

It’s time to say bye-bye to guest blog week!! 🙂

Screenshot (518)

Warm Regards


(P.S due to so many submissions,  all post aren’t published on  TheLearnify,  but the best thing is they will be published in the coming weeks)



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Ever wonder What is Your Blood Type? Guess It Now

GUEST POST: Ever wondered what your blood type was? Need a cool trick you can play with on your friends? You’ve come to the right post! In this post, I will be discussing how you can ask 1 question that gives you a good idea of your or your friends blood type. Continue reading “Ever wonder What is Your Blood Type? Guess It Now”

Inexpensive, almost free, and charming pot hanger

gb4Keep your old oven racks instead of carting them off to the dump. Using 2 ceiling hooks, 4 S hooks and 2 lengths of chain (all easily purchased at the hardware store) you can create a suspended pot hanger, utensil hanger or tool hanger! Match the decor of your kitchen, garage or craft room with the enamel paint of your choice!s

Name: Zora Zebic
Occupation: Social Services Administrator
Website: zorazebic


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