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Writting Opportunity For New Bloggers

Hey all lovely new bloggers if you are interested in blogging and want to be recognized in the market then please send an email at

Topics are:

Cell Phone Technology

  • Iphone
  • Andriod

Tips and Trick about iPhone or android.

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WordPress Quick Edit Tools

In this post we will explore some quick WordPress tools. These are super easy and cool that you can customize your blog like a professional. 😀 Continue reading “WordPress Quick Edit Tools”

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Ever wonder What is Your Blood Type? Guess It Now

GUEST POST: Ever wondered what your blood type was? Need a cool trick you can play with on your friends? You’ve come to the right post! In this post, I will be discussing how you can ask 1 question that gives you a good idea of your or your friends blood type. Continue reading “Ever wonder What is Your Blood Type? Guess It Now”

Inexpensive, almost free, and charming pot hanger

gb4Keep your old oven racks instead of carting them off to the dump. Using 2 ceiling hooks, 4 S hooks and 2 lengths of chain (all easily purchased at the hardware store) you can create a suspended pot hanger, utensil hanger or tool hanger! Match the decor of your kitchen, garage or craft room with the enamel paint of your choice!s

Name: Zora Zebic
Occupation: Social Services Administrator
Website: zorazebic


Newbie Blogging Tips

Guest post

Hello Newbie Bloggers! If you just started to check out my blog and are new to blogging, you came to the right place. Here are my newbie blogging  tips:


1- Make a schedule. For example, write daily or weekly so your readers can know and expect that you have a new article every day or week. I try to blog once a week or twice per two weeks. 

2- Put buttons on your website. Put “Pin it”, Facebook like, share on Twitter, and share on Google+ so your blog can be shared and viewed more. 

3- Put your blog on social media. On Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and more to get your blog more noticed. The key is to put it where you’re more “popular” . 

4- Put photos if necessary. Photos make things more visible.

5- Plan ahead. Think of topics (and write them down before you forget!) you’re going to write about so you don’t have to think about it while you’re on the computer. Or if you’re not like that (like me) your idea will come to mind on the computer (seriously, it’s like the computer cures writer’s block) 

6- If you’re a business, blogging is probably the best choice. Your company will be heard way more than you think. You can update about new changes to apps or anything about your brand. Also, it’s probably better to put your brand on social media ,too.

7- You might be thinking, “I have nothing to write about!” Even I thought that at first. But there is always something on your mind to blog about.

8- Always stick with what you’re writing too. Try not to go off-topic when writing your posts. If you’re trying to stick with a cooking blog, stick with it and don’t really write anything other than it because your readers expect you to always write about that topic (although most blogs I’ve seen mostly write about travel, lifestyle, and photography, so in that case: write what you want)

9- If you’re on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, post your timeline so your readers can check out your social profiles. If you don’t know how to do that, go to My Site>Porfolio>Settings>Widgets> and add one your widgets.

10- Actively participate in the Community Pool. To go to the Community Pool, click here. Scroll down, and you’ll find a Community Pool post. Read the article and comment a link to your site.(you’ll probably find me there) Many newbie bloggers go to the Community Pool to gain popularity and interest on their blogs. Also, many expert bloggers go there to help out rookie bloggers. You may get comments like,”Ooo! I really like your theme!” or “I love the way you write.” But you may get some constructive criticism on your blog. That is a-ok because that person only wants your blog to be better.

11. Tag your posts so that it can gain more popularity. By tagging the post, bloggers can search that post and find your blog on that tag.

Blogging has many advantages. It can make you a better writer and thinker. It can improve your writing skills. Whether you have one viewer or one thousand, you know you’re being heard. Blogging is fun because you’re saying your piece and you’re seeing it online. No matter how old you are,  you express your creative self. Happy blogging 😀 💻 !

Continue reading “Newbie Blogging Tips”

What I Learn from Children

images (7)I would define CHILDREN as the happiest creatures in the world. Oh, don’t you just envy their enthusiasm and high-spirits!

In my pondering, I realize that there are really some great things that we can learn from them- the actual simple reasons why they are always happy.

Continue reading “What I Learn from Children”

Summer Tips to Save your Sanity

images (7)Kiddos are home all day. Out of school what is a mom to do? Maybe I can help by sharing some useless trivial knowledge that you might find is not so useless after all. Drive in movie night. Take a TV & DVD Player outside. Continue reading “Summer Tips to Save your Sanity”

Something Old, New, Borrowed or Blue

images (7)June is wedding season. We have all heard the old adage…. Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed and Something Blue I know you are saying what does that even have to do with clutter? Think about it like this to help you gain control of your clutter. Continue reading “Something Old, New, Borrowed or Blue”

Why I Re-started Writing

WHY I RE-STARTED WRITING. In 2011, when I had just stepped into the fringes of teenage life, this sudden brainwave hit me. I wanted to write a book. I wanted to write a book about vampires and then get famous for it and then have people interview me Continue reading “Why I Re-started Writing”

More ECO-Friendly Shopping Trip

Here are our tips and tricks for a more eco-friendly shopping trip – most will also save you money! Buy bulk – it may seem obvious but it’s true, bulk is best, provided you can use all your goodies before the expiry date. Kind to your wallet – Higher volume usually means cheaper prices. Continue reading “More ECO-Friendly Shopping Trip”



From today till Friday (17 June), TheLearnify will be posting guest posts, I am glad you all have participated and submitted your valuable posts!!

Guest post will be published soon!!

 Didn’t know about guest week, want to participate?


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Countdown Guest Blog Week

Guest Blog Week

Attention Please!

Source: Guest Blog Week

Guest Blog Week

Attention Please!  Continue reading “Guest Blog Week”

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The Most Non-Terrifying Incident Ever

On 100+ followers I asked my readers to write a “Guest post” and I am so glad that you all participated and showed your amazing support. I am much encouraged and delighted. So out of so many posts I am posting this amazing article, written by Continue reading “The Most Non-Terrifying Incident Ever”

Say goodbye to the stink of puke!

Hello everybody, So here is Wednesday. How are you all doing? My world is going amazing, working over my 3D (First Person Shooter) game.

Tell me how are you feeling today on the scale of 1-10!! in the comments below. I am feeling 9.999 and so excited that it is Wednesday and my Tips and Tricks section going awesome that I have ever expected. Continue reading “Say goodbye to the stink of puke!”

Hack your way into writing your first ever book.

Hello, everybody! Thank you for your interest in Wednesday tips and tricks. On last Monday 11, April. I started this section and I am so excited that I have received a tremendous response and lots of people have submitted their great tips.  Thank you for participating!

Today’s Tip is shared by Afshan Fatima.

Name: Afshan Fatima

Occupation: Student

Title: Hack your way into writing your first ever book.

Tips & Tricks:

So I’m writing my first ever book. So here are a few tips I found really beneficial on keeping the flow going.
1) Create character sketches all the details and give a illustrator to give these characters a face and a body
Once you have got a good image of them you can start picturing them in the scenes that you write.
2) Write your story in scenes we can work around it later on, the narration part I mean. That way you have time enough to think of a more elaborate description of the scene, the people involved and the setting.
3) Of course the language matters.
British English or American English (grey or gray, colour or color)
4) The person you write it in. First person ‘I’ or the third person outside the story narration.
5) Don’t finalise on anything as we start writing and working on our story. New ideas develop and we may completely change the course of which the story is heading
6)Always carry around post it notes or a small notebook to write down ideas. You never know what inspires you when you are out.
7) If you can’t come up with names of people or places. Use generators. There are so many such websites.
8) There are websites that help you get all the material about your book together. From the scenes to the characters and they even have built in name and character generators.
9) To get to know your characters better. Create a questionnaire more like a interview with the character and see where that leads you to.
10) Once you are done with writing it. Give your book to the realist friend of yours to get an honest feedback without the sugar coating.
Good luck 🙂

I just loved her coolest trick, I am sure you will also love it. Must visit Afshan‘s blog there is lots more to explore. 🙂

Thank you, Afshan Fatima.

If you want to participate and want your tip to be published on Newswire please fill out this Easy Peasy Form. 

Hit like if you loved the idea and share your suggestions in comments below. ❤




DIY-Turning Your Scarf Into A Vest

Hello, everybody! Thank you for your interest in Wednesday tips and tricks. On this Monday 11, April. I started this section and I am so excited that I have received tremendous response and lots of people have submitted their great tips.  Thank you for participating!

Today’s Tip is shared by Izzley..

Name: Izzley

Occupation: Blogger

Tip: I have a pretty good one that I shared on my blog a week or so back…
Turning Your Scarf Into A Vest.
First, fold your scarf in half and then tie one corner to another (on the longer side). Open it out and you should see to arm-shaped holes. Put your arms through and ¡Whalla! You have a vest! 🙂

I just loved her coolest trick, I am sure you will also love it. Must visit Izzley’s blog there is lots more to explore. 🙂

Thank you Izzley.

If you want to participate and want your tip to be published on Newswire please fill out this Easy Peasy form. 

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