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12 Things To Remember To Live Happy Forever

Sometimes you get into troubles and you find no way out and you start worrying about unacceptable outcomes but always remember it depends on you that what you want to feel, depressed or relaxed. Here are 12 great rules to keep in mind!

how to be happy

Stay Happy!

Thank you for reading. Share your thoughts and ideas about living happily and what you do to be happy in hard times.

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We are Human not Machine

In this world where machines have life guarantee but human does not?

Why machines have lost, broken and anti-theft plans but there’s nothing for human!

Machines could be protected by anti-virus and firewalls but human are not safe inside any wall!

You can get extra protection layers for mobile but child is not safe!

Machinery is transported with “fragile” tag but what about human !!

Why? We are Human not Machine! !


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Everyday is a Second Chance

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Remember that Everyday is a second chance, forget what had happened in the past. Look forward to a new day with lots of achievement, because the awesomeness is yet to come! keep dreaming keep enjoying your life. As you’re not going to get this treasure again so Smile each day!!

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The Term Depresso


When was the last time you felt Depresso? 😀 

I want to read more quotes! 

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Who are The Real Winners

the real winners

The real winners are always the onse who work really hard. They never afraid of trying something new because they know they can lose something in this journey but they will achieve something better.

They don’t listen to people who say that you can not do. They are stubborn about their goal and flexible about their methods.

They don’t look at the clock they look at their success.

Be the real winner be yourself. Set your goals and work hard to achieve them. Because if you can dream it you can do it and always say yes to hard work


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World Forgiveness Day

Forgiveness does not change the past, but it does enlarge the future.

~Paul Boese

Hello everyone, Happy World Forgiveness Day (Sunday, the 26th of June 2016). 

(This day could be easily confused with International Forgiveness Day and Global Forgiveness Day which is observed on July,07 or August.)

(A bit late to post)However, everyday is a new chance to make your surrounding happier. So we should not miss this great opportunity. Let’s forget all troubles and disputes and start a new day by forgiving everyone!


Forgive people makes our world a peaceful place.

 Forgiveness Day’s activities

 Here are 5 simple ways to enjoy this day

forgiveness day

Dear friends forgive others like you want to be forgiven. Many times we keep grudges and do not try to forgive others. We say “I will never forgive you” have you ever tried “what you have done was seriously hurting however, I am forgiving you?”

Forgiveness is a form of love, a beam of positivism ~ Aki 😛 

Our life will become more easier and smother if we start forgiving people. Some times it is very hard to do so, but If we forgive others that means we are the strongest.

One more thing, We must try to forgive ourselves! Yes we! Have you ever been into a situation where you have forgiven others but you refrained to forgive yourself by saying these big words “I will never forgive myself!“. Try to forgive yourself then you will see change in life.

Let’s break our unwanted rules and bring peace in our life by forgiving everyone!

Forgive other not because they deserve forgiveness, but because you deserve peace!

I have forgiven everyone? What about you !!!?? 

Share your thoughts about forgiving others? Do you thing it is difficult to forgive someone? Thank you for reading my post. ~ Aki

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7 Things to Do on Sunday

7 things to do on sunday



 7 ways to enjoy Sunday !

7 things to do on sunday

So what you are going to do this Sunday? Share your plans and don’t forget to be

Awesome on Monday !


Happy Father’s Day

the learnify

They say you are in another world but you will be in my heart forever. Dad, your each word and your guiding hand on my shoulder will remain with me. I miss you ❤

Happy Father’s Day to Everyone!! 


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Do Not Give Up


Do not give up the beginning is always the hardest.

Stay positive, Stay motivated!!

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What is Simplicity?

Whenever the word simplicity is pronounced the first image came into mind is Mother. A mother is gift for all of us. She always does everything for us from dressing to dinning, from school to home. She plays all roles sometimes she’s a teacher, a doctor,  a master chef, a driver, a friend and always a mother.

Love your mother,  never hurt her!! She’s thrbone who loves you a lot.


Also read My mother is my love

Writing in respond to today’s one word prompt ” simplicity”

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Awesome Monday


7 Ways to be Awesome!

1: Dress well

2: Try new hairstyle, make-up or shoe.

3: Set up your major and minor goals.

Major: job, study, business.

Minor: try new food, clothes,  visit new place

4: Recall accomplishments of last week.

5: Try to correct mistakes you made last weeks

6: Forgive others

7: Be good to yourself!

Bouquet of Quotes

One great word can change someone’s entire Day!

Today I have collected some amazing quotations and wanted to share with my amazing community. I hope you all could relate with a single quote or all quotes, I really love small thought provoking pieces. Sharing some piece with you.I am sure you will enjoy my collection. Continue reading “Bouquet of Quotes”

International Workers’ Day





Continue reading “International Workers’ Day”

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