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Join the venture 24 reblogs before 24 July

Hello my lovely fellows,  there is a good news for all of us! I’m reblogging 24 articles on my site and I’m super excited about this venture.  I have visited lots of amazing blogs and shortlisted some great articles.

To participate please drop your post link in comments below or contact me at

Why I’m reblogging 24 posts before 24 July?  Because it’s my birthday 😀 let’s celebrate together!

 Please share with others if you like this idea.

Thank you ♥

With love and excitement~Aki ♥


Featured post

Road to Blogging

Hello, young bloggers! If you are new on blogging and have lots of ideas to share, stories to inspire others, dreams to achieve your blogging goals, but puzzled how to start? don’t worry it’s not so complicated as you are thinking! Your success is just a few steps away. All you need is to follow these guidelines and start your journey

Here are your steps towards success:

Continue reading “Road to Blogging”

Bye-Bye Guest Blog Week!

Hello everyone! ! So that was all from the guest blogging week. It was a fun week. I hope you all enjoyed it. I would like to say Thank you to all the guests who has participated and shared their valuable post with us and the readers who are always encouraging and motivating us.

It’s time to say bye-bye to guest blog week!! 🙂

Screenshot (518)

Warm Regards


(P.S due to so many submissions,  all post aren’t published on  TheLearnify,  but the best thing is they will be published in the coming weeks)



Featured post

Blogging Guide

After so many days I am posting something, because I was a little busy with my projects and also done blog migration (from NewsireTalk to TheLearnify) and I am so glad to have my amazing community with me.

Also I was working over “Digital Marketing Strategies” and “Search Engine Optimization” which I will share with you as well. Continue reading “Blogging Guide”

Website Layout

A website layout should be very amazing and interesting. The more USER-FRIENDLY your website is, the more people will love visiting your website.

HCI : Human Computer Interaction is the major part of all websites & mobile apps, So when you are creating a website make sure that it is completely user-friendly, having an awesome interface and gives great user experience.

To achieve this you must create a PROTOTYPE of your web or mobile app.

Website Paper Prototype


It is so fun, as it helps in making creative layouts,  You will understand how and where to put any button, icon, or media. I really enjoy this designing phase in all my projects. Below is an example of a mobile application prototype you have the liberty to create any design anything you wish and it is so handy that you can easily change it anytime.

Website Paper Prototype


A paper prototype is best for this purpose, just draw what you are thinking and how you want your website should be. After creating one prototype give it to people to check the usability, ask them to use your product. If they feel comfortable using your interface then you have achieved  best HCI.

No matter what kind of product (website or mobile app) you are making always test it before launching into the market and make sure that your product has best UI and UX.


your suggestions and comments will be greatly loved.

Link your blog/website in the comments below if you want me to check User Interface and User EXPERIENCE of your blog/website.


Blogging Secrets finally Revealed!

Have you ever wondered, How bloggers make money? Why are people crazily follow them? Why they have lots of subscribers? OH! so lots of comments/likes/newsletters?. What! adds one their site, they might be millionaires. Content! It’s so easy to write about anything! Bloggers just copy and paste. Their life is so easy and OMG! they are earning so easily!. How could they write about what I hate the most? Let me write a hateful comment to stop that Blogger!

Lots of people asked me that why people are so crazy about writing. There are lots of pages full of words and pictures. That is the so easy task, so Why they blog?

So today You will get to know all blogging secrets. After reviewing lots of questions, I am giving the answers to Frequently Asked Questions.

Blogging TOP Secrets:

Is content copy-paste?

Well, If you have visited lots of pages and read different articles and analyzed that it is fake or republished/rephrased then for all the readers. Let me clear that Bloggers spend the whole day or more just to write good content for the reader and sometimes it takes weeks to think on one topic, analyze it, research about the topic and so on.

How Blogger create Content?

Bloggers are passionate about writing. We spend quality time on writing, Firstly we think about a helpful and fruitful topic for our readers and then research on it after that we create a draft and start writing, Writing is based on research, some personal experiences of writer or others and different factors influencing on that particular topic. So it is like a complete journey just to write a topic and bloggers the first aim is to provide great content to the readers. Sometimes it takes months or a year to complete on topic or course, we stay alert just to give you what you like/want to read.

Hateful Comments Doesn’t effect Bloggers?

People always wonder that how bloggers read hateful comments or any comment effect them or not! The answer is simple. “Yes,” hateful comments does affect us a lot. It is not about reading and forgetting bad comments. That seriously affect us in so many ways. We write after checking all aspect of a topic, like its need and benefits for readers and when there is a single harsh comment. It really demotivates and discourage us.

A blogger, I know she is running a great blog about “parenting” recently a reader left very harsh comment on her blog, that made her so depressed because she is writing for a great cause.

So if you don’t like any topic or content may be it’s not of your interest but for others, it would be like a blessing or guideline towards success. Take a moment before commenting because you never know when/how your words could hurt others.

How Bloggers Create Money so Easily?

Money, the apple of everyone’s eye! but it is not so easy as it looks. Because it takes time and effort to earn and just like other business blogging is also a business, Many bloggers are earning too much but many are earning less and many doesn’t earn a single penny. There is a big algorithm behind each penny. Let me tell you briefly.

Domain name is everything, but that doesn’t mean if we have a blog with the domain name and there are some ads on our page then we are earning. Really story is. Google crawl every page, check content and only show those links to readers which have appropriate content according to the query made by the reader, not spam/republished/rephrased content. Google has intelligent robots that check all the content and figure out fake or original content. Ads depend upon the number if view on any page, but the game is not over yet we don’t earn if you visit our page or click on more pages but we can generate revenue if you click on the ads (Google Adwords or Adsense). Revenue depends on adds like money is divided according to each add if you click one we could earn in 0.29 to 1 $ or more. So feel free to visit our sites.

Why people follow them?

People follow us because they love us they love our content and thoughts. We love them lots to that’s why we are concerned about their problems and solving them. I love my followers it’s like they are a part of my family and my true friends, who are supporting me in every way <3. Feel free to follow bloggers because your all data is private and doesn’t reveal to any of the blogger all we get to know is your name and your great thoughts :). You act like our fuel.

Comments Like Share, Why we should do that?

I have observed many people they come read and go without leaving comments even if they want to ask any questions or like the content, Many years back I was doing same like others but now I have this habit that if I like any article I comment and share my thoughts tell others spread on social media. So You all must take some time to leave your comment it is greatly appreciated by writer and we can make us better in that way.


So now you know the truth behind amazing blogging. I simply admire all the bloggers and vloggers since my childhood I am following many amazing personalities for many years and they still are so inspirational and motivational. All bloggers are creative, amazing, full of life, honest, possess great thoughts and enthusiastic moreover they write with their Heart & Soul <3.

But Beware of!

Always beware of scams there are lots of spammers who intend to steal your personal information so that they could use it for their benefits, don’t click on the doubtful link or adds because it could inject virus on your computers. To stay safe from cybercrime, install firewalls and anti-virus in your computers. Make sure your computer is protected and no unauthorized person has access to your computer.Stay safe! 🙂

Please share you amazing Comments & Suggestions 🙂 

Why Blog ? Amazing facts about Blogging.

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