Beautiful ♥

Rachel Lynn

Words are not worthless,

Words hold much meaning.

They can be happy or sad.

Truthful or deceiving.

Words can get through,

Stuck in the mind.

With all other thoughts

Stuck and intwined.

You can choke on your words

So powerful they kill.

Strung in the right way

Striking you still.

Words are important,

They tear apart love.

They can send you a rock

Or send you a dove.

But what’s more influential?

What can veto it all?

There is one thing that

Makes words seem so small.

Actions cut deep,

In the mind, in the soul.

Actions overpower

Words as a whole.

Your words will say one thing

Actions, another.

You can do anything

And speech will take cover.

You can speak from the mind,

You can speak from the heart.

But they may not believe you

Until true measures take part.

Words are often bent,

You’ll find them quite…

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