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The Sociological Conversance

migrationmigration trainmigrants_balkans_routeslumslum 2Migration is a major factor in economic development and non-power planning.It has acquired special significance in the context of commercialization of agriculture. It is important to consider migration and settlements as inter-related aspects of social and cultural life of people.According to M S A Rao, the movement/mobility from one place to another for a length of time is termed as migration.Because of the growing importance of the industry and diminishing importance of the agrarian sector of the economy, migration is important.Bulk of migration studies focus on the effects of migration but the sociologists look at the life processes of the migrant communities.Migration has become a common phenomena.People migrate with the belief that the urban centers provide better economic opportunities and facilities.It is an area of analysis that transcends discipline boundaries.

Studies of migration stemmed from two theoretical backgrounds.First being the cultural perspective that looks at migration through the intermingling of…

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