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One of my biggest fears can be considered to some the worst, to some it is considered a nonexistent fear, yet, it is what haunts me during the long nights.

I pray and hope, I don’t ever become a number, a statistic, a victim. And even more, I despise to know I hold no power and saying in this. Hate to think that my unalienable rights as a woman and as a human being could, one day, be cruelly violated and taken away by one of my kind.

When did we become a property, part of the herd, that can be exploited by another human being?

Why do people think it’s acceptable to use and immensely hurt one of their own for: pleasure, gain, and last but never least, power? Is it that we, the “civilized”, hold on strongly to the fetish of degradation?

45.8 million people enslaved -Walk…

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