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Rising Phoenix

There are no shortcuts to a place worth visiting..
The journey’s daunting,
But that’s the only thing that’ll matter,
As the memories start piling..

You fall..
You crawl..
You lose your mind..
The memories are flooded, with things left behind..

You shiver..
You wither..
A flower facing the cold..
You find things happening, the things that were told..

You fight the battle..
Like any warrior would,
You are getting every word they said,
That you never understood..

The scars and wounds,
They heal with time..
But the heart still yearns
For the place left behind..

The place, it’ll stay,
In your memories..
The only things left
Will be the written lines..

Of the journey that left..
A mark on your mind..
The lessons it taught,
Being one of a kind..

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