Let’s play tongue twister and start our day with fun and babble 😀

Awkward Babble

I grew up in the middle of nowhere. Most things we needed required a minimum of an hour’s drive to get. More than likely though we had a longer drive than that, as the nearest town was The Armpit of Mendocino County.**

This left for a lot of time to entertain one’s self. Not many radio stations came in and this was before the advent of any sort of portable entertainment device aside from a walkman. So of course, we came up with things to do.

One of my fondest memories is saying tongue  twisters, and/or adding to them with my dad. I can’t recall what made me think of them, but I figured I’d share a few favorites with you all.

Try to say these – if you dare!

(Note: these are variations on the originals, partially altered by my dad and I, and also I’m sure altered a…

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