In this post we will explore some quick WordPress tools. These are super easy and cool that you can customize your blog like a professional. 😀

the learnify
WordPress Quick Edit Tools

In this quick tutorial we will learn:

1: Read More Tag:

If you’re tired of endless blog roll (like I was once before exploring this “Tag”). Try this read more tag. Just open your post edit tool and write a post. Place your cursor (where you want to put this tag) and click  on “Insert Read More tag”.

Screenshot (521)
Read More Tag

Let’s do it with an Example:

the learnify
You can see “continue reading” link
  • In the picture below you can see the difference of posts with “TAG”  and “Without Tag”

Screenshot (525)

  • Adding “Read More Tag” Walk-through. Click the read more tagScreenshot (527)
  • Read more tag is added. You can now update or publish your post.

the learnify

2: Proofread Writing:
If you have some writing issues (spelling mistakes/ word check) every time you write a post.  Here is a quick fix for this issue. Just click “Proofread Writing” and correct your spelling mistakes.

Screenshot (522)
Proofread Writing

3: Add Contact Form

This is the most coolest tool ever. Just click on Add Contact Form and add one in your post  if  you want to get feedback or any registration form etc.
P.S. data from “Contact form” will be saved in your “feedback” section in “Admin Panel” and also you will get an email whenever there’s any submission.

the learnify
Add Contact Form

I hope these tips will be helpful, try these and share your editing experience also check Road To Blogging and how to pingback for more blogging guide/tools (beginners). In the next post I will share WordPress SEO tips.

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If you have any questions or comments, write in comments below. Share it if your find it helpful. “Sharing is caring” 🙂 

Thank you