I have observed that we all are doing something wrong with Pingbacks. Before we discuss about “Pingback Right Procedure”. First of all, let’s talk about:

What is Pingback?

It is an automatic notification sent when a link is created from one person’s blog post to another.

How to Pingback?

  • Write a blog post on your site
  • Add link of my website
  • Publish the post
  • I will get an automated notification.

What is the right procedure?

Have you noticed that you linked lots of blogs in your post but you observed that nobody knows if you have mentioned their name. Also you have to visit each blog to tell them about you have mentioned them in your post? Why this is happening when there’s an automated notification tool is here and you’re using it as well. But, did you know you were not following the right method!

Always link to any post or page let say you are linking to this post “https://thelearnify.wordpress.com/2016/07/13/we-are-human-not-machine/” the other person will receive the notification

Don’t link to blog URL because pingbacks aren’t allowed and other person will not get any notification. 


  • You can control if you want to display a Pinkback.
  • You can edit a Pingback Text.
  • Don’t add or accept spam Trackbacks

Please try out this procedure. I am sure this tutorial would be helpful for you. Do tell me in the comments bellow. We all knew about Pingback but we all were doing it incorrectly! 😀