Hey guys check out these beautiful hairstyles. ♥♥♥

The Learnify

Summer is here! tie up your hair enjoy the sun, shine with your “Hairstyles”with these simple yet chic and elegant easily worn hairstyle will make your day beautiful. Enjoy these Doodle bun , twisto, braids, knots and ponytails.

Tips: before starting your hair do follow these tips .

  • Don’t hurry, just relax and start.
  • Straight or curl your hair well before creating any hairstyle.
  • Feel yourself beautiful xoxo.

1: The Doodle bun.

simple elegant wear it when you’re late for work or going outside with friends. It is super quick and stylish things you will need to create this hair are, pony  and some bobby pins and voila here you go with awesomeness.

simple-step-by-step-hairstyles-to-do-yourself-1 Doodle Bun

2: Twisto:

Braiding is everyone’s favorite. It makes you look super cute and stylish all you need is to criss-cross hair over and under .

Hairstyles-for-Long-Hair-Step-by-Step-4 twisto

3: Chic:

This hairstyle is super amazing you…

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