ToOne hour left, to go to a special party, You took a week to buy a new dress, shoes, and accessories. You have all perfect things to rule the world and You spent 90 minutes on your hair do and makeup but before sitting in the car, you turned back to see your final look in the mirror, and then what you see is a bad look with bad hair do, old school makeup and weird boring person in a normal dress. At that moment all of your expensive shopping and the time you have spent turned into a pile of dirt.

Have to ever think about why it happened? and why in this world only you are ugly?

Well! every problem comes with a solution and today I am sharing it. I challenge you that after acting upon this easy solution you will never feel the same. It’s a complete inner beauty make-up tutorial(Booster).

Step 1 Face wash:


Face wash, wash your face and cleans all of dirt and confusion with a face wash made up of honesty so that all of the unnecessary doubts

Step 2  Moisturizer:



Moisturizer, is amazing for your skin, make sure you apply it everyday, but before applying you must forget the bad thing happened yesterday, forgive everyone. The moisturizer I love to use is called new day and it’s  made by a brand “it’s time to change” Apply all over your face and see the world with a positive perspective.

Step 3 Concealer:



The concealer, apply a small quantity on your face, nose, forehead and side of  lips. Make you buy concealer from the brand called be real, and don’t buy it from the brand you are such a fake person. Don’t apply too much on your face you don’t need to look like a gossip Queen.

Step 4 Foundation:


foundations (1)

Foundation, the best product for your face, always buy a foundation that suits you. I love the foundation called  Be yourself. Apply a small quantity on your face and spread with a positivism sponge or brush both are best for this purpose. Don’t apply foundation called  this is not for you.

Step 5 Eyeliner:


Eyeliner, is the best step in makeup, it makes your eyes wider or narrower now it’s up to your eyes which eyeliner you chose for your eyes. I personally recommend eyeliner from the non-judgmental brand. Just apply on your eyes and stop judging other just because they’re thin or fat or not like any others because you are not God.  This eyeliner will give you boldness and perfection to live peacefully and will have  so many new  friends each day.

Step 6 Mascara:

Mascara wands 002

Mascara, is the one and only love of all the ladies, You can use any mascaras that will give you an uplift from discouragement and negativity. I love the simple mascara from see the positive with its Life goes on brush. Apply as many coats of positivism as you want because the world is going to love your credence and self-assured look.

Step 7 Blush:


download (4).jpg
Blush,  use the blush called you live only once, apply with a cute brush called the hard work. You can use the color have dreams, every day. Just find the area where you can get the success and apply steady and firmly on your cheeks.

Step 8 Lipliner:


download (2)

Lip liner, is essential for you glorious look. Get the lip liner from a brand called class and color grow up you are not an infant.  Apply a courageous line around your lips and voila! your lips look perfect with belief in yourself.

Step 9 Lipstick:




Lips stick, apply a generous amount of lip stick form brand do good have good, and color is  kindness, to give a chic look. After applying this perfect lip stick you will see a change of ideas, innovation and confidant and you will have new friends who get inspired by you great thoughts and views.  

Step 10 Make-up Fixer:


download (3)

Finally to make your make up long-lasting just apply a small  amount of  confidence spray and YAY! you are ready!!! 






So now we all know that how to look beautiful and perfect for all occasion and even in our bad weird days. Enjoy your life don’t be worried about what people are going to think and say about you. If you are confident, everyone will appreciate your and would love to be like you. Just try my idea and do tell me how much it helped you and people praise your looks and asked for makeup tips and tricks.

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