GUEST POST: Ever wondered what your blood type was? Need a cool trick you can play with on your friends? You’ve come to the right post! In this post, I will be discussing how you can ask 1 question that gives you a good idea of your or your friends blood type. I will also explain the science behind this. Many of you are familiar with the ABO blood typing system, this is the system we will be using to determine blood types. If we just quickly understand the donation paths before we get to guessing the blood types. Group A can donate to group A & AB. It can receive blood from group A & O. Group B can donate to group B & AB. It can receive blood from group B & O. Group AB can only donate to itself. It can receive from every group. Group O can donate to every group. It can only receive its own group. This is why type AB is known as the universal receiver and group O are known as the universal donor. Estimating your blood type! Country O A B AB UK 44.00% 42.00% 10.00% 4.00% I’ll be using the UK as my example as this is where I reside currently. As you can see, I haven’t included the Rhesus factors. Blood group O is the most popular followed by group A. These are the two we want to focus on. Using this technique we have an 86% chance to get our blood type right! Now we will use nature to help us. Ask yourself or another if they are a mosquito magnet? Do they find themselves at the mercy of mosquito bites a lot often than others? If they say no, they are type A. If they say yes, they are type O. This is because female mosquitoes need human blood to develop fertile eggs, but not any human blood will do. A study has found that mosquitoes land on people with type O blood twice as often as type A. *Note: male mosquitoes do not bite us* Back to the blood types, people with an ethnic background are more prominent to have type B blood, so if you’re guessing your blood type and are from an ethnic background the percentage of getting your blood type correct declines. If you really want to throw the belt out there and try to guess the Rhesus factor just remember the majority of people have + blood. Good luck and have fun! It is genuinely as simple as that! Please do not use this technique to accurately disclose your blood type. Seek your doctors advice or medical records. This is used for fun and should not be used as a means in medical practices.

Author: Dean Hill
Occupation: Forensic ScienceStudent


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