images (7)Kiddos are home all day. Out of school what is a mom to do? Maybe I can help by sharing some useless trivial knowledge that you might find is not so useless after all. Drive in movie night. Take a TV & DVD Player outside. You can throw Blankets on the ground; Mom and Dad may want comfy lawn chairs. Let the kids bring out their beanbag chairs outside. Set up your own concession stand with drinks, make popcorn and grab a pizza. (Don’t forget flashlights.) Make it a triple feature. A fun animated one for the little’s, then one for the Twins & one for Mom and Dad. You can put the little’s to bed or just let them crash in the yard. One person suggested piling a blow up pool with blankets and pillows. That sounds so fun Visit the fire station. You can even bake treats to take as a gift. Decorate cupcakes Make homemade Popsicle. Write a letter to someone and mail it at the post office. (Grandparents love this one!) Go for a picnic. Even if it is in the back yard. Play tag with a wet sponge. Have a family video game tournament. Visit a local state park. Find a state park near you. Visit a National Park, National Monument – National Park free day is August 25 through 28: National Park Service Birthday Free Annual Pass for U.S. Military Also if you have a 4th grader: Annual 4th Grade Pass Available to U.S. 4th graders (including home-schooled and free-choice learners 10 years of age) with a valid Every Kid in a Park paper pass. The pass is valid for the duration of the 4th grade school year through the following summer (September-August). Visit the Every Kid in a Park website Scavenger hunt. For older kids make it a photo scavenger hunt. For girls take them to a Goodwill or Salvation Army. Give them $10 and let them go wild. Have a fashion show at home with what they bought. Have categories for Best Outfit, Lowest $ spent for an outfit, Crazy Halloween outfit, Best costume or theme interpretation. Journal challenge for kids. Camp out in the back yard or glamp in the living room. Don’t forget to make the smores Visit all the free museums or how about touring local factory – Check and see what is available in your areas. Be a Tourist in your own city – You may be surprised to find what amazing fun things there are to do in your own back yard. Hiking is free and you have to eat anyway, right? Why not eat in the great outdoors? Even the Picky eaters who you can’t o eat their lunches at home, but on a hike…you can bet they will inhale it all! Food always tastes better outside. Library summer reading programs – Most libraries have fun activities and rewards in addition to story time every week to motivate kids to keep up on their reading. Have you kids write a book. Go on a Bug Hunt. Got empty containers with lids? Poke some holes in the top and go on a creepy crawler adventure. Also make an I’m Board Jar by printing an I’m board printable from There are 20 thoughts that should give you some summer relief. Bottom Line your kids will not be little for long. So enjoy the summer with them. Thanks Pamela!


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Name: Pamela Thielen

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