images (7)June is wedding season. We have all heard the old adage…. Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed and Something Blue I know you are saying what does that even have to do with clutter? Think about it like this to help you gain control of your clutter. Something Old for Something New Every time you buy something new you have to get rid of something old. Are you going shopping for new shoes? Donate or throw away one pair of old shoes. Look I know about shoes and our relationships with them. But Still. New T-shirts – Old T-Shirt out, New shorts ~ Old Shorts out. Come on you know you are buying new t-shirts because the old one is stained, misshapen, faded or not the right size. Let it go. OK try this one. If you decide that you want to redecorate your kitchen from Roosters to Magnolia. Donate your Roosters to another hen house. Technology is not exempt to this adage either. How about you need to upgrade to the latest IPhone 7.925? Donate, sell or give the old one away. This applies even when before you go to the grocery store. Clean out your fridge. You will be able to see what you need to replace. You know you are not going to use that last olive in the jar that has been in there since you New Years’ Eve party. Nor are you going to use that last drop of Catalina salad dressing. Do you even like Catalina dressing? Something Borrowed Sometimes you can borrow what you need instead of buying it. Here is a great example: My friend and I have a deal. She bakes a lot and I make homemade ice cream a lot. She keeps my KitchenAid Mixer at her house and I keep her Ice Cream Freezer at mine. When either of us needs it we pick it up from the other. I don’t have to store that big heavy mixer that I hardly ever use and she doesn’t have the garage space to store the Freezer. So it works out perfect for us. Maybe 1 or 2 times a year you need a card table. You don’t need to own and store a card table. You need to borrow one. I suggest you take a picture of the borrowed object with the borrower. (Evidence) This will most always assure you get your property back without any problems. If you cut down and control your clutter by trading something old for something new, using something borrowed instead of buying new, you will not be blue. I love your comments.


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Name: Pamela Thielen

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