Yesterday while reading posts I read a beautiful title “would you remain mine” I opened that post written by my dear friend mysestina and continued reading it. I was so mesmerised and felt like reading more and thankfully she has written its sequel. Mysestina has beautiful poems, her poems are so natural and close to my heart.

here are her beautiful poems:

Would You remain Mine

when my heart be relieved of its job

bringing the flow of red fluid to a halt

when the vision in my eyes will fail

pretty picture of your face will not reach my brain

the scent of your body will illuminate me no more

my ears would refuse to hear your gleeful laughs

when i will no more be able to taste your tongue

my sense of touch will not feel your hand on mine

i wonder about the day i shall depart

would you still love me like you do now

would you still remain mine?


YES, I would remain yours, even if death do us part

my love, O my love

how it pains me as you depart for heaven

consoling my bleeding heart I shall cry

I let my tears to fall forever

readying myself to bear the pain

holding you in my arms so safely

I watch your gentle spirit relieving your frame

there’s only one thing I am craving to assure

I shall never free me, from your love so deep

the way I look at you now with my affection

I shall only open my eyes to see your face

I shall utter my words only for you

to answer your anxiety in this moment

I give you my word

I would

yes I would remain yours

even if death do us part

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Thank you once again mysestina, keep writing and making us smile with your amazing poems.