Have you ever wondered what is working behind every single click on computer and every single touch on touch pad

While playing the game, have you thought about what is making that game character move, shoot or jump?

Or while publishing a post on WordPress, you thousands about what is making this happen that everything set into place and we get our awesome post in a fantastic layout, and we stay connected to our readers and get their feedback which is really important for us?

The answer is very simple two digits Mr “0” and Ms “1” are responsible for this. What is coded in a program is transfer to computer in the form of zero and one in different patterns.  So if you write ” I like this story” it would be like “0001 0001000 000111100000 0011000 000110 0001100” (and so, an illustration).

In a nutshell, the whole world is empowered by these two tiny binary digits.

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As a computer science student I always wonder about this story that how amazingly zero’s and one’s are works actively.

What you think about Mr “0” and Ms “1”.

Writing in respond to today’s one word prompt “connected”