Sky was too sad sitting in a cage, He was caught by hunter. He was worried about his family.

(Sky was a beautiful parrot, living in a green forest along with his family and lots of friends. He was famous in the forest because of his joyful and  loving nature.)

The hunter was so cruel he caught Sky and wanted to sale him in high prices, He was in search of this beautiful parrot.

After one week, hunter went back to for forest, he knew that Sky was missing his family. He ask Sky mischievously “Do you want me to bring a gift from the forest”.

Sky said, “No I don’t want anything, but please tell my family and friends that I miss them very much and I am in a cage”

Hunter laughed and went towards forest. On his return, he talked to the parrot.

HAHAHAH, You were missing your family? I told them but they didn’t said anything!! but lie down on the grass. !! They don’t miss you at all!! Now stop crying. I am going to sale you tomorrow.

Sky was too sad.!

Next day, Hunter came inside the room, and he found Sky was dead in the cage.

Oh!!” I shouldn’t tell him about his famaily, Now what about my money” the hunter thought!

He picked Sky and threw him out of window and thought he would go to forest again.

While he was thinking,  he saw a flock of birds coming towards his home. Suddenly Sky flew and sat on the tree, all other birds did the same.

Sky smiled, you said my family didn’t miss me. Actually lying on the ground was a message for me to get rid of the cage!

Thank you for thinking me dead and throwing outside.

He said this and flew back into the forest.

Birds are made to fly in the sky to live in their own way.

Writing in respond to today’s one word prompt ” Sky“.