We get into situations when we can’t control ourselves and start quarrelling with others.  Sometimes we feel relief after arguing and many times we get embarrassed after realizing our mistakes, but it’s too late to erase what we have done. There are lots of methods of controlling anger or we can say anger management. 

From my point of view, we can control anger by answering a simple question.

Why we get aggressive over little or ordinary things and when we could solve the problem easily then why we shout or argue with others?

The day I answered this question I have stopped bring aggressive and over thinking.

I answered myself “I get angry because I feel like I should be angry and argue because if I didn’t do so it is not me!!” I felt myself so stupid that what I was doing and when I could solve the situation it’s useless to fight over ordinary things..

Do ask yourself the same question if you are angry person or get hyper quickly.

Thank you for reading. Share your suggestions!

Writing in respond to today’s one word “Angry” prompt