Today I am show casing some of my paintings, I have worked hard to learn painting and sketching, because I love to draw. Few years back when I had time I took painting and sketching classes, it was the best time I enjoyed it a lot.

I feel like a bird while I draw something, I feel I have everything in my hand and now I can draw anything on my canvas to utter my feel.

So here are some of my paintings:

You can change your entire life, the day you urge to do something creative.
Imagination: is the beginning of creativity
Still life art
Beautiful Scene that I have seen and tried to draw on canvas.


My friend MEI who is a wonderful artist as well asked me to share my paintings, So here is some of my art work ..

I will also share my Β Sketches in the next post.Please provide me with your feedback on these paintings.

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Thank you so much…