My Mother is my Love

With love and care

Joy, happiness endless cheer

Stars and moon have no share

We will meet soon there 

She smiles just like a dove

My Mother is my Love!

Mother is the name of love, affection, care, calmness, affection, warmth, strength, laughter, smile, play, fun and everything amazing!!! nothing can define the beauty of a mother, She is awesome, she stay up all the night for us, cook food, wash clothes and what not ? she does everything for us!! Always love and care your mother.

The time when you feel like your mother is old or boring just imagine the moment when you were so little that you can’t do anything, it was her who took care of you.

Let’s make a wish that our mothers stay happy, health, young, beautiful and with us forever!!!!

Me and my family have a great surprise for our mother, We are so excited!!



Also sharing some DIY ideas, I hope you will love them and will make this day amazing!

Simple and cute hand made cards and frames.

maxresdefault (1)

Cute Rapping for gifts



That weird poem is written by Aki(me). I am not a poet but for the first time in forever I am writing poem for my mother. Like, share and comment if you loved it.

Share your feelings! I would love to know that what you are planning for your mothers on this amazing day!