Hello, everybody! Thank you for your interest in Wednesday tips and tricks. On this Monday 11, April. I started this section and I am so excited that I have received tremendous response and lots of people have submitted their great tips.  Thank you for participating!

Today’s Tip is shared by Izzley..

Name: Izzley

Occupation: Blogger

Tip: I have a pretty good one that I shared on my blog a week or so back…
Turning Your Scarf Into A Vest.
First, fold your scarf in half and then tie one corner to another (on the longer side). Open it out and you should see to arm-shaped holes. Put your arms through and ¡Whalla! You have a vest! 🙂

I just loved her coolest trick, I am sure you will also love it. Must visit Izzley’s blog there is lots more to explore. 🙂

Thank you Izzley.

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