Many times we become anxious of our work and think about the results, assuming ourselves so passive and obtuse. We feel we are spending more time to achieve what we want, and start comparing ourselves with others.

It happened to me one week ago while I was working on my mobile application which is a photo editor, I named it “Edito”. I realized that I am going very slow and if I keep doing same I won’t complete it before time. This made me anxious and tensed, I was sad and started roaming around in the incubation center. While I was thinking, I saw a quote on the wall which boosted me and I realized that what I am thinking and presuming is totally wrong, in vain and what I am doing is right and it requires time to build up an application which is equipped with quotes that I haven’t done before.

The quote is:

Greatness takes time




So, if you ever feel bad about your working speed just take a look at what you are doing? If you are on the way to build something very special and unique then don’t worry about the time spend a quality time over your work to give a fine product to others.

If you are a new blogger and finding that your hard-work isn’t working like others, then you should look at the bright side of the picture. Keep calm and Just do your work. Share with others and ask for feedback. One day you will get your desired fine product in your hands.

If you are a young blogger and worried about how to set up your blog and share your ideas then you must read this Road to blogging.

Best of Luck!

Please share you feedback and suggestions in comments below. 

Have you ever been a situation where you felt like you’re wasting time?